Add BPAY to your PDF/Printed Invoices


If you have enabled the ‘Pay Now’ button on your Xero invoices, your customers can already generate a BPAY reference or pay instantly with a credit card online. If you haven’t already set this up, read our help article here (link to previous article).

If you would like to add the BPAY reference directly to your Xero invoices so they appear in PDF's and when printed you will need to configure a custom “.docx” branding theme in Xero. More information on custom branding themes can be found on the Xero support site.

Once a customer makes a payment using the specified BPAY reference, we will automatically post the payment against the customer as a pre-payment.


Use our Custom “.docx” theme in Xero

If you are not interested, or comfortable making your own “.docx” template, we have provided one for you. All you need to do is upload your logo into the placeholder area, save a copy, and it will be ready to upload into Xero.

Download our custom template with the link at the bottom of the page "Xero Invoice Template.docx".

When you open it, click the place-holder image in Microsoft word, and choose an image to upload. Xero requirements outline that you must use Microsoft Word 2007 or later to customise templates. If you don’t there may be upload issues with Xero and invoices will not work properly.



Follow this Xero guide to upload your template in Xero.


Configure your own Custom “.docx” theme

If you wish to configure a new or existing “.docx” template you already have, you can get the BPAY logo from the BPAY Guide on the Pay Advantage support portal

At the bottom of the BPAY Logo support article there is a link you can access which will download the BPAY logos.

To add to your template:

  1. Insert the previously saved BPAY logo onto the Invoice;
    1. Select Insert
    2. Select Picture
    3. Select From file
  2. The BPAY logo will now appear on the invoice, go to;
    1. FORMAT, then;
    2. PICTURE, then;
    3. LAYOUT, then;
    4. INFRONT OF TEXT, then;
    5. Drag the logo to where you would like it to show on your invoice.bpay2.jpg
  3. Draw a text box next to Biller code and one next to Ref so you can add the details. Click on Insert – draw text box.
  4. Enter "Biller Code:" and "Ref:" labels as shown.
  5. Enter the biller code shown on your Pay Advantage customers next to "Biller Code:" (in most cases this will be "212886")
  6. Insert a new merge field next to the "Ref:" label for the BPAY reference. The easiest way is to copy an existing merge field and set the "MERGEFIELD" value to "ContactAccountNumber".
  7. Save this file into your documents as BPAY Invoice.

Follow this Xero guide to upload your template.


Viewing the invoice

Providing you have connected your account to Xero and we have done an initial synchronisation your invoices will now show a BPAY logo and BPAY reference number.

If at any point you encounter problems within your Xero account you can contact their support here. 


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