BPAY Brand & Logo requirements

To make it easy for customers to recognise the BPAY brand all participating billers must ensure they adhere the BPAY Brand Identity Guidelines.

The health of the BPAY brand is largely a result of all participants effectively communicating a consistent brand.

If you require any assistance or help in designing your bills or using the BPAY logo please contact customer service.

Minimum Requirements for bill design

You need to clearly display within the payment information section of your bills or invoices:

  • The BPAY logo (available for download below)
  • The BPAY Biller code (provided when viewing a customer within Pay Advantage)
  • Your customers BPAY Reference Number (provided when viewing a customer within Pay Advantage)

Logos and templates can be downloaded in a variety of formats (see below)

Your final layout should be emailed to support@payadvantage.com for approval.



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