Add BPAY to your MYOB invoices

MYOB doesn't offer out of the box integration with BPAY (Yet) but the following work around should have you up and running quickly.


  1. Import your customers into Pay Advantage either by importing a CSV file OR creating your customers individually. 
  2. Generate a BPAY CRN for each customer, you can do this manually for each customer or you can create a BPAY CRN for every customer by going to Accounts & Settings (Click on the cloud icon on the top right side of page) > Customer Settings > Create BPAY references for all existing customers
  3. Once you have a BPAY CRN for all of your customers you need to save this number against a custom field in your MYOB cardfile.
  4. Add the BPAY graphic to your MYOB invoice template.
    • Download BPAY Images for Invoices, the image Basic_Biller_Code_Template_Vertical.tiff found within  BPAY_Code_and_Reference is generally the best suited
  5. Insert the BPAY Biller Code that has been supplied when the Customer was created in Pay Advantage to the template as a text field.
  6. Insert the custom field you selected above that is holding the BPAY Reference Number into the invoice templates over the Template Image.
  7. You are now ready to start accepting BPAY.


We know this process is a little clunky and we are working with MYOB to provide a more streamlined process.

We are happy to provide over the phone assistance in setting up your invoices.

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