Pay Advantage BPAY Biller Codes


The BPAY Biller code is a unique code which identifies which biller your customer is paying. By default when you first signup to Pay Advantage you are assigned a generic biller code owned and managed by us.

The BPAY Biller Name that will appear on your customers statement and within their internet banking when making a payment is "INVOICE PAYMENT".

Why don't we assign your own Biller Code?

In order to obtain your own Biller Code you are required to meet a number of criteria and pay additional fees for setting up a Sub Biller Code. So we can provide a cost effective service Pay Advantage manages a master code on behalf of your customers. This master code reduces the complexity and cost in setting up your account.

Can I get my own Biller Code?

Yes, we can setup a Sub Biller Code which means your business name will appear when a customer makes a payment.

In order to setup a Sub Biller Code you will be required to:

  • Pay a registration fee for setting up your Sub Biller Code
  • Pay an ongoing administration fee for the use of your Sub Biller Code
  • Sign and accept a Sub Biller arrangement
  • Supply a sample set of invoices for checking

This service takes between 4 to 8 weeks to setup. For more information on this service please contact customer support.

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