Deleting, Archiving & Restoring Customers

Click the customer that you wish to Archive, Edit or Delete and a new window will appear.

Deleting – A customer can ONLY be deleted if you not generated a BPAY code for use with the customer and/or have not setup any direct debits. Once a customer is deleted they will be permanently removed from the system.

To Delete Customer click the Archive box dropdown menu and click Delete, this only appears when the customer has not had a BPAY Reference number allocated to them. 

Archiving – Archiving indicates the customer is no longer active and will remove the customer from the certain lists, dropdown and restrict what actions can be performed on the customer. A customer cannot be archived if they have any active direct debit schedules.

To Archive a customer go to the Customers dropdown and click View Customers and click the Archive grey box at the top of the customer page.

Edit - To Edit Customer make the necessary changes on the Customer page and click save.

Restore – To Restore an archived customer go to the View Customers page and click the Search tab at the top right hand side, there is also a option to choose the Archived Customers to search on the right hand side. Find the customer you wish to restore and click the Restore button on the right hand side.

Customer will now show in your View Customer tab.

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