Importing Customers from a CSV file

You can easily import your customers into Pay Advantage from a CSV text file. 

If you have your customer list stored in an excel spreadsheet simply use the “Save as” feature in Excel and select CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

A sample CSV file is attached at the end of this article.

To import customer from the main menu click "More" > "Import Customers". We suggest you test your import first with less than 10 records. If you import your entire list and then realise a mapping or field is incorrect it can be time consuming to delete the import.


If your file contains headings these will appear above the dropdown box. You can then select the value from the dropdown that you want to match in our system. Be careful not to map the field twice otherwise an error will occur.



Depending on the number of records in your file a preview of the import will be shown and you can select which customers you wish to import. If any conflicts or duplicates are identified these will be highlighted. If your file contains a large number of records the preview screen is not shown and you will be asked if you wish to submit the file for import.



Once the file has been imported you can click on the file name from the import customers screen and view the customers, this will open a new tab that only shows customer from the import. You can then bulk delete or manage customers as required.

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