BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number (CRN)


When you create a customer within Pay Advantage you can also generate a BPAY Reference Number, the reference number consists of the Biller Code and a Customer Reference Number.

The Biller Code will be either a generic Master Biller Code (212886) or your own Sub Biller Code. If you are supplied with a Master Biller code the name "INVOICE PAYMENT" will appear as the biller, if you have been supplied with a Sub Biller code then your nominated Sub Biller name will appear.  See understanding Pay Advantage BPAY Biller Codes for further information.

The Customer Reference Number is a unique number that includes a check digit at the end of the number. This check digit ensures that if the customer enters an incorrect reference when attempting to make payment, their bank will detect the error and not accept the payment. When using Pay Advantage you don't have to worry about generating any special codes or installing any software. Our system does all of this on your behalf, you simply need to include the supplied Biller Code and Reference number on your invoices.


Breakdown of BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number (CRN)


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