Virtual Terminal / Pay Requests

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal lets you quickly process one-off debit/credit card payments payments, from any modern smartphone, tablet or desktop without the need for hardware terminals or phone attachments.

To process a card simply open virtual terminal from the plus icon once signed in to your account, add your customers details, amount and card information then press charge. A typical transaction can be entered and processed in seconds.


Pay requests

Pay requests let you email, sms or share a link with a customer requesting they enter their credit card information for a one off purchase. Once a customer clicks on the link they are taken to a secure portal where they can quickly enter their card information to complete a sale. Once the card information is entered the customer can see if the transaction is approved or declined instantly.

Outstanding pay requests (where the customer is yet to complete the payment) are shown on the client portal dashboard and can be resent or cancelled.

To initiate a pay request simple select the plus icon from the main menu and click virtual terminal. Once a description and amount has been entered you will have the option to send a pay request.


Benefits compared to hardware terminals

  • Card is securely stored allowing you to quickly re-charge future purchases
  • Option to send pay requests to your customers smartphone
  • Option to on-charge cost for fee free processing
  • Email payment receipts direct to your customers inbox
  • Payments instantly viewable by other users including managers or accounts team
  • Quickly access customer payment and purchase history 






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