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The Pay Now feature of Xero allows your customers to be directed to a secure hosted pay provided by Pay Advantage where they can either pay for the invoice instantly using their preferred credit card, create a payment plan to pay the invoice using instalments, or generate a BPAY reference number to pay within their internet banking portal.

If the payment is made by credit card or by a payment plan, and the payment is approved Pay Advantage will automatically apply the approved payment against the selected invoice in Xero.


Configuring Hosted Pages in Pay Advantage

To enabled Pay Now you must first enable and configured Hosted Pages. Hosted pages can be accessed from the "More" menu in the Pay Advantage client portal.

You can then upload your company logo, select which payment options you would like to accept and if you wish for credit card fees to be on-charged.




To preview what the page will look like for a customer simply click on the "Usage Menu" and click on the "See it Live" under "Taking a Payment"



Configuring Pay Now in Xero

You will need to log in to your Xero account and click on "Settings" > "Payment Services" > "Add Payment Service"




Field Value
Name Pay Advantage
Your custom URL

Enter the Pay Now URL from the Xero Integration settings menu in Pay Advantage. It will look something like:


Pay now text Leave value as is


Click "Save" and then add Pay Advantage as a payment option to your invoices. Once completed you will then see Pay Advantage as an active payment service. To apply this to your invoices click "Manage themes" and choose Pay Advantage as the credit card service for the appropriate themes.




Your configuration should now be complete and your customers should be able to see a Pay Now button on their invoices.


When a customer clicks on the Pay now button they will be taken to a payment page where they can enter their payment details. Paying for the invoice by credit card will record the payment, apply the payment to the invoice in Xero and update the invoice to paid.


Note: BPAY payments are not recorded in Xero live and are generally processed into Xero the day after the amount has been received from BPAY. Once received we will automatically apply it to the invoice.


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