Xero Accounting

For your convenience Pay Advantage provides seamless integration with Xero accounting allowing you to:

  • Synchronising Customers between Pay Advantage & Xero
  • Select which payment types you want pushed to Xero
  • Add a pay now button to Xero Invoices
  • Accept BPAY on your Xero invoices


Connecting your account

Navigate to the Xero Integration item on the menu. If you do not see the Xero menu please contact support to enable this feature. Please note not all rate plans can connect to Xero. A weekly fee may apply for this service.

Review and agree to our terms and conditions and click Connect to Xero. You will be taken to the Xero login page, where you will need to provide enter your Xero login details and authorise Pay Advantage access to your organisations data. 

Once completed you need to configure the options relating to accounts and which payments you would like pushed to Xero before we can perform the initial synchronisation.


Configuring your Xero Integration

Before Pay Advantage will start communicating with Xero, you will need to configure the integration.

Payment Options

Pay Advantage will upload all of the selected payment types, that have been settled to your bank account to Xero. Payments will be uploaded that were created after the start date that you connected your account to Xero.

Payments will attempt be applied to the Customers accounts in the following order

  1. Invoices whose outstanding amounts match the payments amount (Oldest first)
  2. Invoices that are outstanding (Oldest first)
  3. Any remaining payments will be recorded against the Customer as a prepayment.

Note: Any payment received using Xero’s Pay Now functionality will be uploaded regardless of the Payment Types to Upload setting.

You will need to select the correct accounts for the payment uploading to use. If unsure, please check with your accountant.

Pay Now will be covered later in this document. Failed payments will not be uploaded to Xero.



Invoice Integration

Pay Advantage will upload any invoices it generates and store them against the “Pay Advantage” contact in Xero. Invoices will be uploaded that were generated after the start date.
Invoices with adjustments will be handled as follows:

  1. When a credit invoice has been applied, and the credit invoice was created after the start date, then the credit invoice will be uploaded and applied to the invoice.
  2. When a credit invoice has been applied, and the credit invoice was created before the start date, then the credit will appear as a line item on the invoice.
  3. When a credit has been applied, it will be recorded as a line item on the invoice.
  4. When a debit has been applied, it will be recorded as a line item on the invoice.

Credit Invoices that are not fully applied will be uploaded to Xero as unapplied, or partially applied. These will be applied to the next invoice automatically. Do not manually apply the credit invoices.

You will need to select the correct accounts for the fees included in the invoices. If unsure, please check with your accountant.


Initial Synchronisation

Once the settings have been saved, Pay Advantage will start synchronising your account with Xero.



Customers will show when they were last synchronised with Xero.

Whilst your account is connected to Xero, you will be able to navigate from the Pay Advantage Customer to the Xero contact.



Payments will show if they have been synchronised with Xero, or if they are yet to be synchronised.


Invoice Pay Now feature

You can allow your customers to pay for invoices in Xero to be paid using Pay Advantage. To enabled this feature please enable Hosted Pages. 


Configuring Hosted Pages

To allow your customers to pay using their credit cards, you must enable credit card payments from within the hosted pages configuration. From here, you can configure if you want the credit card fees on charged to the customer.



Configuring Xero

The Settings screen in Xero Integration has a Pay Now URL. Please copy and paste this from the settings screen into Xero. 



You will need to log in to your Xero account, and add a Payment Service.


Enter “Pay Advantage” as the name.
Enter the “Pay Now URL” from the Pay Advantage Xero Integration Settings into the Your custom URL and click Save.


To add Pay Advantage as a payment option to your invoices, click Manage themes and choose Pay Advantage as the credit card service for the appropriate themes.


When your customers view their invoices online, they will now have a Pay now button on their invoice.



Clicking on the Pay now button will take them to your hosted page.


Paying for the invoice by credit card will record the payment, apply the payment to the invoice in Xero and update the invoice to paid.


Note: BPay payments are not recorded in Xero live. The payment must be processed through the existing BPay process before it is synchronised with your Xero account. The invoice will not be recorded as paid until this has occurred.



You can disconnect your Pay Advantage account from your Xero organisation at any time. This will not delete or alter any information stored within Pay Advantage or Xero.


Activity Log

The activity log records the details of any actions that occurred between Pay Advantage and Xero.
It also provides links to any Xero entity. You will need to be logged in to Xero to follow any of the links.



The actions will show any problems matching Pay Advantage customers to Xero contacts that could not be resolved automatically.

Anything relating to the affected customers will not be synchronised until this has been resolved.



The messages will show any information of significance. These include

  • When a customer has to be given a different name in Xero (Xero has requirement that names are unique).
  • Mobile number is not valid and was removed
  • Email address is not valid and was removed
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