New business verification & approval

Business Verification

Once you have created your account you will be required to fill in some information about your business and how you intend to use the service. This information is required before you can process or start accepting any payment. The business verification can be accessed directly from the dashboard of the client portal.


What happens after you submit your verification information?

Once you have completed your business verification/survey we need to validate the information supplied. As we deal in a financial product this requires us conducting various checks which can take some time. Whilst we aim to do this as quickly as possible this can take several days. Most accounts are verified within 1-3 business days. 

As part of the verification we are required to speak to the account holder so please ensure you look out for a call from us. 


Common reasons for delays in approving new accounts?

- We tried to call the number supplied and no one answered (We can not approve an account without speaking to you)

- Incorrect or invalid information supplied

- An issue with your business name/ABN/ACN

- The owners/directors/partners information is incorrect or cant be verified

- Incorrect ID submitted 

- Phone, website and facebook information is incorrect


Do we support all businesses?

Whilst we aim to provide a service to as many different clients and industries as possible we work in a regulated environment and have to consider the rules and regulations imposed on us by our scheme & banking partners in addition to government compliance and obligations.

In addition to this some industries impose additional risks which we must consider when deciding if we can support a new client.

Reasons why we may not be able to provide a service include:

  • The business operates in an industry that we are not licensed to provide a service for
  • The business operates in a restricted category 
  • Scheme/banking obligations prevent the on-boarding
  • The nature or style of the business 
  • If we are unable to correctly verify all of the information supplied by you

Unfortunately this means we are not able to support all clients who apply for a service. If we are unable to supply a service this is not a reflection on your business and no adverse credit information is recorded. You may be able to obtain a service from a different payment provider.

Due to operational reasons we may not be able to disclose specifically why an account cannot be provisioned. 



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