Customer Record - GET: /customers/{code}

An example of a customer record is shown below. This is the record that is returned on request of a single record and an array of these records is returned when requesting lists. Greyed fields are fields not readily displayed on Pay Advantage screens, but still useful and necessary information such as identifiers and calculated fields.

  “Code”: “our system id”,
  “ExternalID”: “your system id”,
  “DateCreated”: “2014-04-23T13:45:31”,
  “Name”: "Customer 1",
  “CustomRef”: “your cust ref”,
  “Email”: "",
  “BillerCode”: “012345”,
  “BPAYRef”: “987654321”,
  "CreatedBy": { "FirstName": "John","LastName": "Smith","UserName": "" }
  “URI”: “/customers/{code}”



Lists of Customers - GET: /customers

Customers are sorted by name (ascending) by default. The list is paged and will always return the first page of records unless paging parameters are added as described previously. An example of the response is shown below

      "Code": "ABC123",
      "ExternalID": "43",
      "DateCreated": "2011-01-23T16:12:41.263",
      "Name": "Test Customer",
      "CustomRef": "TST101",
      "Email": "",
      "BillerCode": "212886",
      "BPAYRef": "10000111111"
  “Meta”: { "page": 0, "recs_per_page": 100, "total_recs": 500 }


Creating a Customer - POST: /customers

To create a new Customer you simply need to post to the address above. “Name” is the only mandatory field and you can provide additional customer fields if they are to be populated. Editable fields can be identified by reviewing the tables at the end of this document.

  "Name":”Bob Smith”,
  “firstname”:”Jack” (Only required if IsConsumer is true)



Updating a Customer - POST: /customers/{code}

To update a Customer you need to post to the address above and include the identifier for the Customer in “{code}”. You only need to provide Customer fields that are being updated. The example below is updating the email address for customer with ID of ABCD123.

POST: /customers/ABCD123



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