Create Paper Authority Form Direct Debit

You must obtain a duly signed Direct Debit Request form for each and every direct debit you wish to set up.

Pay Advantage supplies clients with ready to go Direct Debit Request forms that can be printed without any additional setup. From the left hand side menu panel click on More > Debit Forms. 

You can pre-fill in the information then have your customer sign or you can print out blank forms to manually fill in.

Upload Paper Direct Debit
Scan your signed Direct Debit request forms into your computer or gallery
Click on Create button from the left hand side menu panel > Direct Debit
If you have previously entered your customer details in, start typing their details in the Search box or click on the New Customer button, enter their details then click on Add Customer & Continue
Select whether you have Fixed Amount or Variable Amount  
Select whether you have an Upfront Payment or Ongoing Only 
Select Upload Paper Auth 
Enter the required details
Click on Upload Authority and select the Direct Debit form you saved
Check all 3 check-boxes
Click on Start Debiting

A copy of this form is also emailed to your customer.


Once the DDR has been uploaded we must approve the schedule. This is generally done within a few hours of uploading the DDR. If any information on the schedule does NOT match the DDR the schedule will be rejected and you will be required to re-submit the schedule.


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Direct Debit Settlement & Clearance Times

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