Sandbox Environment & Transaction Simulation

A fully functioning Sandbox environment is available for testing which consists of a

  1. test web panel
  2. test API and pre-filled test data.

To access the sandbox you must contact customer service. Once enabled you will need to login to your client portal, go to sandbox and create your sandbox account. Once created you need to login to the sandbox web client to generate a set of sandbox API keys.

The test API can be accessed using the following URI:


Special Handling for Batch Debits

To assist with testing, the sandbox environment simulates various inter-bank processing tasks including processing of debit batches and dishonouring debit instructions.

See Direct Debit Settlement & Clearance Times for information relating to actual processing times for the live environment.

The simulation system will mark debit batches as "Processed" approximately every 10 minutes.

Dishonours are simulated by mapping a fail code to the debit instruction amount decimal value. This process occurs automatically after a debit batch is processed.

Amounts ending in "0" never fail.

Amounts ending with "1" to "9" will dishonour based on the industry wide failure codes (see Payment Dishonour Codes/Reasons).


For example:

An instruction with an amount of $10.00 will not fail

An instruction with an amount of $10.05 will fail with the dishonour code 5 (No account or incorrect account number)




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