New features, Record customer notes, Paperless debiting and more! May '16

A new client portal

We've completely overhauled the client portal to make it easy for you to create customers, set-up direct debits and configure your account.



Quickly add customers or create new debits with the Plus widget 




Manage customers, notes, debits and payments in one place

- A new improved customer dashboard 

- Record and view customer interactions with notes 

- Direct Debit status dashboard 

- Print customer payment reports



Improved Debit Management

Quickly find, pause, edit or re-schedule debits.




Paperless & Variable Debiting

Paperless debiting allows you to create direct debits from the customer portal or your mobile. Your customer can then authorise the schedule by signing the form electronically or by sending them a link to sign on their smart phone.


With the option for customers to sign debit authority's on their smartphone or yours! 



Select the day you want to receive settlements

Settlement Transfers lets you control your cashflow by setting the days you want to receive settlements.



Useful Reports

New reporting to help manage your cashflow and progress including:

 - Daily dishonour report (Quickly view and monitor dishonoured payments)

 - Revenue Projection (Shows a summary of future direct debits to assist with cashflow)

 - Revenue History (Shows a summary of all payments grouped by week ending)




When will I see the new features?

The new features will be progressively rolled out in stages starting 16th May 2016. You don't need to do anything your account will be automatically upgraded as new features become available.

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    This is very exciting, I have been on the lookout for a debiting company that allowed electronical signatures.