Solve Issues with Rejected Direct Debit Requests

If your Direct Debit Request has been rejected, it will most likely be a result of a mistake on the DDR Form.

To deal with this rejection please check your form for any mistakes or check your emails for our Customer Support email informing you of what the issue could be.

Resubmit Amended Form - You will then need to make amendments to the Direct Debit Request Form and resubmit by following the instructions below:

  1. Change your file format for your scanned form to a JPEG when saving.
  2. Log into your Pay Advantage Secure Portal and go to Direct Debits - View Direct Debits.
  3. Click the Modify button.
  4. Where the rejected form is uploaded, please delete the original rejected form.
  5. Load your new amended form.
  6. Submit this form for approval.

Modify Bank Details - Rejection through incorrect bank details can be a result of one of two things, either the details are wrong on the form or a wrong number was pressed when the bank details were being entered onto Pay Advantage.

You must check with your client that these details are correct, if so you will need to modify the Direct Debit by:

  1. Log into your Pay Advantage Secure Portal.
  2. Go to Direct Debits - View Direct Debits.
  3. Click the Direct Debit you would like to modify, this will open in a new window.
  4. Click Change Account where the bank details are listed.
  5. Enter the correct bank details
  6. Click Submit for approval.
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