How do I cancel or close my account?

As payments and/or payment enquiries or disputes can continue to come in even after you may wish to close an account it is not possible to close an account instantly. 

If you no longer wish to use your account you should:

1. Cancel any active/paused/error direct debits

2. Remove any reference to our hosted pages

3. Change your subscription to a plan that does not have a weekly fee (ie $0 per week plan)

4. Deactivate any API user accounts (you should keep general user accounts open so you can continue accessing the system.


After this your account will remain open for a period of time and any pending fees will then be debiting from your account. Providing you have changed your subscription plan no weekly fees will be debited. and no further subscription fees will be payable. This allows you to continuing to view any customer information, payment history, settlement information and providing you do not process any further payments there is no charge.


Accounts are automatically closed after a period on inactivity.



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