How do I cancel or close my account?

We understand sometimes you may not have a need to continue using our service. If it is related to pricing, service or our product we would love the opportunity to discuss over the phone to see if we can review your rates or discuss the issue you are having. In many instances a simple phone call can resolve most issues and allow us to continue working on your behalf.


If you no longer wish to use your account you should:

1. Cancel any active/paused/error direct debits

2. Remove any links or references to our hosted pages and api

3. Deactivate all user/api accounts

4. Change your subscription to a plan that does not have a weekly fee (ie $0 per week plan)


Providing you have changed your subscription plan no a plan with no weekly fee no further subscription fees will be payable. You will then only be billed for payment fees related to payments that have been received. If no payments are processed then no payment fees will be due.


After this you can continue to log in using your administrator account should you wish to use in the future. This also allows for:

  • any future payments to be received and deposited to you (especially for BPAY where we can not stop customers making payments)
  • access your customer information, payment history, invoices & settlements within our system
  • ability to process refunds if required
  • ability to quickly handle payment disputes (payment disputes can be made many months after a payment has been processed)




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