Payment Failure Codes

Fail Code Tender Action
invalid_bsb Bank Account Request correct BSB Number from customer.
payment_stopped Bank Account Contact customer to relieve block on User ID 378093.
account_closed Bank Account Contact customer for new account.
customer_deceased Bank Account Send flowers.
bad_account Bank Account Request correct account number from customer.
refer_to_customer Bank Account Typically insufficient funds. Contact customer and try again later.
deleted Bank Account Contact customer for new account.
invalid_userid Bank Account Contact support.
technically_invalid Bank Account Customer's bank account does not allow debits. Change account.
bpay_made_in_error BPAY Contact support.
bpay_unauthorised BPAY Contact support.
undetermined Credit card Will attempt to resolve automatically.
declined Credit Card Charge declined.
insufficient_funds Credit Card Try another card or try again later.
processing_error Credit Card Charge failed due to network issue. You can reattempt.
suspected_fraud Credit Card Card may be lost or stolen. Try another card.
expired Credit Card Enter new card details.
refunded All See refund details.
invalid_authority Chargeback Contact support.
cancelled_authority Chargeback Contact support.
unauthorised Chargeback Contact support.


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