Payment Dishonour Codes/Reasons

Codes 1 to 9 are standard industry wide dishonour codes.

Codes A to Z are Pay Advantage specific dishonour codes.

Code                   Description Meaning
1 Invalid BSB number  
2 Payment stopped To continue customer should contact their bank to allow debiting from User ID 378093
3 Account closed / cleared   
4 Customer deceased  
5 No account or incorrect account number  
6 Refer to customer   Insufficient funds
7 No longer used   
8 Invalid User ID number   
9 Technically invalid  Customers bank account does not allow debits
C Chargeback - Invalid Authority  
D Chargeback - Cancelled Auth.  
E Chargeback - Unauthorised  
M BPAY - Made in error  
N BPAY - Unauthorised  
Z Unspecified Error Generally means invalid account. Contact customer support for further information.
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