Implementing in your website


The usage section of the Hosted Page Setup (More > Hosted Pages > Usage) is designed to assist in implementation giving you various examples and use cases of implementations.


Hosted Page URL[clienttoken]/pay


URL Query Parameters

The following options can be appended to the URL query to pre fill information on the Customer Page. If no information is passed in user will be promted to enter new customer information.

Note: [paymentamount] and [paymentdescription] are required to accept credit cards or payment plans (provided these have been enabled in settings)


Field Name

Value & Usage

[isBusiness] isBusiness=1 if business, isBusiness=0 if consumer.
[businessname] Leave blank if not a business. Maximum length of 50 characters.
[firstname] Maximum length of 50 characters.
[lastname] Maximum length of 50 characters.
[email] Must be a valid email address between 1 and 200 characters.
[phone] Can only be numbers(integers), Maximum length of 10 characters.
[customerref] You can attach your own customer reference to a customer record.Maximum length of 20 characters.
[externalid] The id of the customer as it is in your external system. Only available to view/access via API. Maximum length of 20 characters.
[paymentamount] The amount to be processed (excluding any on-charged fees). Required to accept Credit Card + Payment Plans.
[paymentdescription] Appears on the payment list and receipt as well as emails sent to customer. Required to accept Credit Card + Payment Plans. Maximum length of 50characters.
[paymentref] Used for identifying payments via the API. Only saved if a credit card payment. Maximum length of 50 characters.
[addreturnvals] addreturnvals=1 to append, addreturnvals=0 to leave off


Values must be separated by the "&" symbol, ie "&businessname=Peters%20Plumbing" will pre-populate the form with the business name "Peters Plumbing".


A typical string will look something like:[clienttoken]/pay?&description=[value]&businesname=[value]&email=[value]


Examples of how you can link from your site can be found by accessing the hosted pages menu from the client portal and viewing usages.




After a BPAY CRN has been successfully generated you have to option to redirect the user to a page of your choice. This is triggered by the customer clicking a "Next" button on the form.

You can also append the following values to the redirection URL query:

pa_ID Always returned
pa_CustomerRef Always returned
pa_BpayBillerCode Only for BPAY
pa_BpayCRN Only for BPAY
pa_receiptnumber Only for Credit Card
pa_directdebitcode Only for Payment Plan



Example of returned redirection URL query string:


Optional Customer Email

Once the customer registration is complete your customer has the option of requesting the BPAY details to be emailed to them.



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