Hosted Customer Page


The Hosted Customer Page allows you to setup a customer by linking your website to a Hosted Page on our secure servers.

Once redirected the customer can enter their details and be provided with a BPAY Biller Code and Reference Number. 

This system is perfect for receiving payments for online shops, donations or for directing customers to register with you.

Any payments the customer makes are automatically applied against that customer so you will always know who has paid!



You have the option to configure the Hosted Page to:

  • Include your logo and colour scheme
  • Which fields should be displayed
  • Which fields are required to allow the creation of a BPAY CRN
  • Option to pre-populate fields (which may have already been captured by your system) by passing in values to the URL
  • Customer's can receive a confirmation email with their BPAY payment information
  • Redirection after completed with option to append values to the return URL



You can customise the hosted page with your logo and brand colours.



Domain Lock

The hosted page will ONLY accept requests from a known domain. You can set up multiple domains which the hosted page will accept requests from.




You can control a number of factors that effect how the customer page works including:

  • Customise a welcome message
  • Customer a completion message
  • Which fields are displayed
  • Which fields are mandatory (user cant proceed without entering)
  • Send email with BPAY details after completion with ability to customise email message
  • Redirection and returning data on completion


Customer Hosted Page URL


The URL for the customer hosted page:


URL Query Parameters

The following options can be appended to the URL query to pre fill information on the Customer Page.


Field Name

Value & Usage

Client Token * [clienttoken] API Credentials
Access Key * [accesskey] API Credentials
Test Mode [testmode ] This parameter allows you to register test customers and will not save these customers to your account. The interface will indicate "Test Mode" when activated.

testmode=1 to activate, testmode=0 to deactivate.

Customer Name [customername] Must be between 1 and 50 characters
Email [email] Must be a valid email address between 1 and 200 characters
Phone [phone] Can only be numbers(integers) and no more than 10
Reference [customerref] You can attach your own customer reference to a customer record. No more than 20 characters.
Description [description] Short description (50 characters max) which is displayed on the hosted page and is useful if you are generating the BPAY ref for a specific order or invoice.
Skip Registration


Providing the mandatory fields have been entered this will bypass the initial welcome screen and simply display the BPAY biller code and reference.

skipreg=1 to bypass, skipreg=0 to show confirmation

Return URL [returnurl] This will be the url the customer is redirected to when finished and overrides the default URL you have set. 
Include Return Values [addreturnvals]

The system will automatically include certain values to the Return URL by default (see below).

addreturnvals=1 to append, addreturnvals=0 to leave off

* Denotes required field

Values must be separated by the "&" symbol, ie "&customername=John%20Smith" will pre-populate the form with the name "John Smith".


A typical string will look something like:[value]&accesskey=[value]&description=[value]&customername=[value]&email=[value]


Examples of how you can link from your site 

Link as a Button 

<input type="button" value="Register" onclick="window.location = '[VALUE]&accesskey=[VALUE]';return false;" />


Link as a Hyperlink

<a href='[VALUE]&accesskey=[VALUE]' target="_blank">Register</a>



After a BPAY CRN has been successfully generated you have to option to redirect the user to a page of your choice. This is triggered by the customer clicking a "Next" button on the form.

You can also append the following values to the redirection URL query:

  • pa_ID
  • pa_CustomerRef
  • pa_BpayBillerCode
  • pa_BpayCRN


Example of returned redirection URL query string:


Example Screenshots




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