Add BPAY Logo to your XERO Invoices

  1. Download a BPAY logo from our help centre accessible from our website, by;
    1. Go to BPAY Brand Logo requirements
    2. At the bottom of the page there is a file you can download containing logos, find the one that best suits your needs and save to your computer.
  2. Log into you XERO account.
  3. You will need to create a new invoice template to include the BPAY logo and reference number or download one we have prepared for you at the bottom of this article.
  4. Go to Settings – General Settings.
  5. Under features - select Invoice Settings.

  6. Go to New Branding Theme drop down box.
  7. Select Custom .docx.

  8. Select a name for this new style of invoice eg: BPAY invoice.
  9. Hover your mouse over new invoice in the top left hand corner where the 6 dots are.
  10. Your cursor will change into 4 arrows – move this invoice box to the top of the page – so Standard moves to the bottom.

  11. Click on download.

  12. Double click on Invoice to open this in a Word Document.
  13. Insert the previously saved BPAY logo onto the Invoice;
    1. Select Insert
    2. Select Picture
    3. Select From file
  14. The BPAY logo will now appear on the invoice, go to;
    1. FORMAT, then;
    2. PICTURE, then;
    3. LAYOUT, then;
    4. INFRONT OF TEXT, then;
    5. Drag the logo to where you would like it to show on your invoice.

  15. Draw a text box next to Biller code and one next to Ref so you can add the details. Click on Insert – draw text box.
  16. Enter "Biller Code:" and "Ref:" labels as shown.
  17. Enter the biller code shown on your Pay Advantage customers next to "Biller Code:" (in most cases this will be "212886"
  18. Insert a new merge field next to the "Ref:" label for the BPAY reference. Easiest way is to copy an existing merge field and set the "MERGEFIELD" value to "ContactAccountNumber".
  19. Save this file into your documents as BPAY Invoice.
  20. Now its time to upload the template;
    1. Go to upload.
    2. browse for file.
    3. select where you saved your BAPY Invoice.
    4. Click upload.


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