Settlement/Depositing of Payments & Clearance Times

When a payment is received or processed on behalf of a customer these are held until we are able to deposit the funds into your account. For direct debit and some credit card payments we hold these for a short period of time until they clear. Simply open a payment to view the anticipated settlement date.

If a payment has a status of "ready to settle" this means it has cleared our system and will be deposited to your account at the next available chance (generally the next business day). In some instances you may see a status of held, this generally occurs if our system has flagged the payment for review which can occur for various reasons including:

- A new account which doesn't have an established trading history

- The account we debit our fees from has dishonoured

- Recent payment disputes or stop payments

- Sudden spike in volume or unusually large amounts


In the instance a payment is held these are reviewed by our support team who will either releases funds or contact you to discuss.


Keep reading for more detailed clearance information on the various payment types.


Credit Cards

Payments are deposited to you within 1 to 3 business days depending on your settlement plan.


Direct Debit

Payments are processed at various times throughout the day.

Once a Direct Debit payment has been processed it will appear in your payments list.

Direct Debit payments generally settle 3 Business Days after processing. This can sometimes take longer depending on public holidays or weekends that may occur shortly after a debit has been processed. 


The delay in crediting your bank account is to allow for any dishonours that may occur to be received and processed. This allows us to deposit cleared funds directly into your account without you needing to cover any dishonours.

Next day settlement is available in some instances for clients processing larger volumes. Special conditions apply for this facility and may require a surety be lodged to cover any dishonours.



Payments made by your customers before their banks specified cut off time, on a valid business day, will generally appear within Pay Advantage after 10pm that night.

Funds are settled into your nominated bank account on the Next Business Day from receipt of the payment.



Monday 2.30pm a Customer makes a payment (before their banks cutoff)

Monday 10.00pm payment information is interchanged between BPAY Billers and the payment will appear within your Pay Advantage account

Tuesday 7.00am funds are sent to your nominated financial institution, depending on your bank, funds will generally be available within 2 hours or before close of business.


Please note: 

Payments from your customers must be made before their banks cutoff time. If a payment is not made before their banks cutoff time the payment will be processed on the next business day. If a customer made a payment after their banks cutoff on a Friday, the payment will not be received by us until Midnight on the next business day (ie Monday).


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