Batch Debiting

Batch debiting allows you to create debits outside of our managed scheduling systems by building your own batch, importing from an ABA file or using the Direct Debit API.


If you wish to use Batch Debiting you must first contact customer support to enable this option (A separate application is required to enable this facility).

Batch Debiting allows you to process debit instructions from your own scheduling system. 


ABA Files

The ABA file format, sometimes called Direct Entry, is a flat fixed length file constructed of a number of different transaction types and is the de facto standard for bulk electronic payments in Australia. It is used by all major Australian financial institutions to allow for direct entry debit or credit instructions to be displayed in one simple format.

Pay Advantage uses a modified version of this format for the purpose of importing debit instructions and to maximise compatibility with existing systems.

See the attached "ABA File Specifications"  for assistance creating your ABA files including how to on-charge direct debit fees to your customers.


Creating a Draft Batch

Once Batch Debiting has been enabled for your account you can access batch debits by going to the Direct Debit Menu & selecting Batch Debiting.

Manual Creation

You can quickly create your own batch debit by clicking the create batch button. From here you can give the batch a name, set the debit date and add individual debit instructions.

Importing from ABA file

Select "Import  Batch File" button to import a batch from a ABA file. The debit date and debit instructions will automatically be created from the information provided in the file. Once a file is imported you can change the date of the debit and delete debit instructions.


Refer to the help article on creating debit batches via the API.

*Note restrictions apply for how far forward you can schedule a batch debit.


Confirming & Authorising a Draft Batch

When you are ready to process your draft batch debit you must confirm the batch. Confirmed batches can not be edited. Once confirmed the batch must be authorised by a user/api key that has Batch Debit Authorisation privileges. 


Processing of batches

Batches that have been confirmed and authorised are deemed to have been accepted for processing. On the date the batch is due to be debited we will process the batch by submitting the debit requests to the individual member institutions requesting them to debit your customers bank accounts. Once this process is complete the batch will be marked as processed. If a batch has a debit date that occurs on a weekend or public holiday the batch will be processed on the next available business day.


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