Resume, Pause or Cancel a Direct Debit Schedule

You can easily resume, pause or cancel a schedule by clicking on the status of the direct debit.

Pause - Will stop debiting until you Resume the schedule. Any debits that are missed while the schedule is paused will be marked with a redebit button, giving you the option to catch up on those payments at a later date. 

Resume - Resume's the direct debit from the next due date

Cancel - Will permanently cancel the direct debit, you can not resume a schedule after it has been cancelled.

How to Pause, Resume or Cancel
Click CUSTOMERS from the menu panel on the left hand side
Click on the Search Box > Input your Customer name > Click APPLY
Click on the Customer to open their Profile > Click on the relevant Direct Debit
Up the top right hand side, Click on the action you want (Pause, Resume or Cancel).




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