Setting up your first Direct Debit

1. The Direct Debit Request (DDR)

Every Direct Debit you wish to setup for a customer must start with a formal authority. This authority is in the form of a Direct Debit Request (DDR) which outlines:

  • The terms and conditions that will govern the direct debit
  • How much is to be drawn and the terms of the ongoing schedule
  • The BSB and Account from which the funds should be debited from
  • Signed authority from the account holder
It is important that the DDR is correctly filled in and any alterations are agreed to and initialed by the customer. In the event that any dispute is raised by the customer the DDR must be tendered to the customers bank to support your authority to debit. If the forms does not accurately reflect the agreed terms or the form appears to be tampered or altered the customer may be entitled to a refund and you may be liable for a complete reversal of all debits.
DDR forms can be downloaded from the secure client site under the tab "Direct Debit". You can not alter the terms any conditions of this form however you may insert your logo in the top right corner of the form.

2. Creating the Direct Debit schedule

Once you have obtained your signed DDR you can now setup the schedule.


The information you enter in the fields must accurately reflect the terms from the DDR. Once you have entered the information from the DDR you can then save your schedule.  A copy of the DDR must then be uploaded to the schedule.

Once the DDR has been uploaded we must approve the schedule. This is generally done within a few hours of uploading the DDR. If any information on the schedule does NOT match the DDR the schedule will be rejected and you will be required to re-submit the schedule. When a new Direct Debit schedule is either approved or rejected you will receive a notification by email and also an entry in the notifications (found under the "home" tab).


3. Monitoring your new schedule

If your Direct Debit schedule is approved we will begin to drawing payments in line with the terms of the schedule. You should monitor your notifications for any items that may be dishonoured.


More information can be found on:

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