Read me first (Overview for new clients)

So you’re new and ready to get started?

Your Pay Advantage service is provided to you via a secure cloud based client panel. This panel provides all the tools you need to get the most out of your service and allows you to:

  • Manage customers
  • View payments
  • Generate BPAY Reference numbers
  • Setup Direct Debit Schedules for your customers
  • Print & Export reports
  • View your billing information
  • Control security

Getting Started
Before you can receive any payments you will need to complete our Business Verification, located on your Dashboard. Once submitted, this goes to our New Client Approvals Team for verification. 

Setting up your customers
This can be done by:

  • Manually as you go; either from the Create button in the left hand side menu panel, Add a Customer button on your Dashboard or whilst creating a new Direct Debit. 
  • Importing a CSV file read more
  • Using our hosted webpage which links into you own website 

Once your customers are created you have the option of generating a BPAY reference number or creating a direct debit for the customer. For more information/instructions, please click here: Customer Management

Using BPAY
BPAY is the perfect way to receive payments from your customers Savings, Visa or Mastercard accounts. 

To allow customers to make payments to your business using BPAY you can:

  • Verbally give your customers the BPAY Biller Code & Reference number 
  • Include the BPAY Logo, Biller Code and Reference on your invoices 
  • Email your customers their BPAY Biller Code and Reference via the customer profile.

Once your customers have been given their unique Biller Code and Reference you can start receiving payments. Any payments received will be displayed under the customers payment tab or from the main payment tab. For more information/instructions, please click here: BPAY

Direct Debit
Direct Debit is perfect for the collection of funds from a customer on a regular basis. Frequencies can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.  We debit from bank accounts and credit cards.

We offer Paper Authority forms, Paperless/Electronic Authorities and Variable Authorities.  

These Authorities are a legally binding agreement between you, your customer and us and contains the terms and conditions relating to the direct debit. For more information/instructions, please click here: Direct Debit

You are permitted to place your own logo on the Direct Debit Request form however you can not change any of the terms and conditions.

Please be aware that if the Direct Debit Request form is not correctly completed, not signed or appears to be tampered with then the Direct Debit will be rejected. 

Also if the amount is $1000 or more a fortnight for the Direct Debit then Pay advantage requires your customers I.D to be attached to the Authority form. 

Virtual Terminal
Our Virtual Terminal is located in your online account, which is perfect for one off, on the go payments or over the phone debit/credit card payments. You simply click on Virtual Terminal, add in your Customer and their card details and click apply! You can print or email a payment receipt for your Customer.

Receiving Payments into your bank account
BPAY payments that are made by your customers before their banks specified cut off time on a business day will generally appear within Pay Advantage after 9.00am the following day (Payments can take up to 48 hours) . Depending on your plan these funds will generally be settled to your bank account on the next business day from receipt of the payment. Read More

Direct Debit payments are processed at various times throughout the day. Once a Direct Debit payment has been processed it will appear in your payments list. Direct Debit payments take 3 business days to clear and are settled to your nominated account the first business day after funds have cleared. Read More

You will receive a single credit into your nominated bank account containing the total of all payments due to be credited for a particular business day. You can then view the listing of payments relating to a particular credit from the secure client panel under the Account tab. You can also receive notifications via email when a credit is made to your bank account. Read More

Fees and Charges
Any fees relating to payments on your account will be debited from your nominated bank account on a Friday or the next business day. An email notification can be sent to you information you of the amount debited. Invoices can be viewed and printed via the secure client service.


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