Improved menu layouts, dashboard, mobile friendly, refunds & enhanced credit card processing - Oct '17

Improved Menu Layout

We've enhanced the menu to make it easier and quicker for you to navigate through the client portal. In addition to this several enhancements have been made to make the portal work better when viewing on mobile device's and tablets.





Your new dashboard lets you quickly view alerts, add customers, process payments and more.



Works better on your Mobile & Tablet






- Refund payments back to a customers credit card or bank account (some restrictions apply).

- Monitor refund status using new refund portal



Direct Debit Plans

- Setup plans from existing bank/credit cards stored against the customer

- New options for catching up on failed payments

- Receive notification when a customer completes and signs a Paperless debit authority

- Customers can choose to use a previously stored bank account or credit card when signing new authorities

- Updated look and feel of Paperless direct debit form




Improved Virtual Terminal

- Re-charge customers previously stored card

- Quickly create new customers from virtual terminal page

- Improved receipting


Connect to Xero

- Synchronise Customers

- Post BPAY payments directly to invoices

- Pay Now option for invoice payments 




Updated API with Real Time + Batch Credit Card Processing

- Process in real time or tokenise credit cards for later use

- Integrate with your online store or ecommerce platform

- Batch processing for recurring billing

- Process and track refunds 



When will I see the new features?

The new features will be progressively rolled out in stages starting 1st October 2017. You don't need to do anything, your account will be automatically upgraded as new features become available.



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